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Ariston Aqualtis

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Sampled Room

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405nm laser fade out test 2 (Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi)

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Inicio » 2012 » Noviembre » 30 » Devon Dunhill Clapp
Devon Dunhill Clapp

Devon Dunhill Clapp "die weiße Schweinehund”

Devon Dunhill Clapp "die weiße Schweinehund”

et al Projects
56 Bogart Street, 914-498-8328
November 30, 2012 - January 1, 2013
Reception: Friday, November 30, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

"My work recreates the same sensation one would feel when stumbling upon pornographic magazines in the woods”

The abject nature of Devon Dunhill Clapp’s imagery explores the fetishized natural world, where dualities at first seem contradictory but on careful examination they are revealed to have parallel affects. Images of sexual desire, corporeal, and erotic in nature, at the same time express feelings of fear and discomfort. Taboo and kitsch, indiscretion and language, death and sensuality are themes that are expressively aligned together in Clapp’s body of work.

Clapp’s drippy and gestural brushstrokes along with his bold color palette further exemplify this feeling of eroticism, giving his work mysterious and alluring effects. His work creates charged metaphysical sigils and draws on the visual language of the Occult as influence. It’s as if one stumbled across a delightfully rich trove of intimate voyeuristic and seductive mementos deep within the woods. His compositions are at once glimpses into the intimate, absurd, perverse, silly, scary and mundane aspects of human nature.

et al projects is both delighted and aroused to present die weiße Schweinehund, our first solo show of Devon Dunhill Clapp’s newest paintings. Devon Dunhill Clapp (b.1983, New Hampshire) received his MFA from Pratt in 2011, he lives and works in Brooklyn and has a black cat named Frank.

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